This year we brought the first in-house TV show to the Miami Dolphins with “Inside the Fins.” We produced 17 half-hour episodes over the course of the season. It was a magazine show going behind the scenes of the Dolphins organization and getting to know some of the players, alumni and cheerleaders over the course of the season. Some of the segments that we produced were a weekly community feature, a cheerleader feature, an alumni feature, a youth tip feature where a player would give basic instructions on how to play a position, a player interview feature, where we would sit down with a player and talk about his life off the field and on, a cooking feature where we would break down and demonstrate a tailgate recipe themed around that week’s opponent, and a local high school spotlight. All in All, it was a lot of hard work, but I learned a lot. My co-producer and I were responsible for all aspects of producing the show from, writing, shooting, producing and editing. Click here to take a look at some of the work we produced over the course of the year.

2012 Pro Bowl – This year I went to the Pro Bowl to document all of the various Dolphins activities going on during the week. Originally, the idea for going came to us because one of our former players, Jake Scott, lives in Hawaii. We’re producing a special on the undefeated 1972 season and since he was the MVP of the 1972 Super Bowl, he would be great to get. In order to make the case for going, we had to produce a lot of other content while we were there in order to make it worth our while. All in all we had a tremendously successful week in Hawaii. Our interview with Jake Scott went fantastic, and throughout the rest of the week, we we produced 5 different videos for our website and next year’s TV shows. Click Here to see some of the work we produced that week.

Making the Squad – This was a 30 minute show on the Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Audition Process. We began producing this show back in February of last year and followed two girls through the duration of the audition process in May. This aired on our website last summer, and then later in parts on our magazine show, “Inside the Fins.”


I love color correcting raw!

color correcting in raw gives you soooo much flexibility. For someone who has been color correcting compressed video their entire career it’s basically like upgrading to a helicoptor when you’ve been riding a bycicle to work your whole life. I almost have as much control over the image in post with raw, as I do when I am shooting. very fun.

The Great Time Lapse Adventure

Thursday night, my co-worker, Ryan, and I drove down to Miami Beach with several thousands of dollars worth of equipment to shoot a time lapse of the sun setting over downtown Miami. The good news is we did not get robbed. The bad news is the batteries ran out twice, we forgot food, and we didn’t set the camera up correctly. Also it took us 3 hours to successfully order, pay for, and receive a pizza. Whatever. At any rate, we got something useful. I’m not satisfied at all, and will be driving back down there the next time I get a chance, but this will have to work for now.

Walkabout Autism

This weekend, Sun Life stadium was host to the first annual Walkabout Autism. The event was put on by Dan Marino’s foundation and was dedicated to raising money for and awareness about Autism. I woke up at the crack of dawn to cover the event and actually enjoyed myself which surprised me a bit.

See, when you have my job, you develop somewhat of a numbness towards these types of events, because one, you go to a ton of them and they represent a ton of work, and two, you often see a lot of phoniness on the part of the people who are supposed to be hosting it. Often times an athlete is just out there to boost his rep, and the moment the cameras turn off, he’s ready to bounce.

But this particular event stuck out for me, mostly because of the size. It looked like a freakin U2 concert. Anytime you get that many people together united towards one cause, it’s pretty cool – even for a cynic like me. I guess the people at the Dan Marino Foundation know what they’re doing.


Here’s some of my video from the event:


a little more 3D

here’s a still from a short intro I made for an off-season web series we’re producing on the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. They have quite a few out-of-the-country travel destinations for various ventures, so we decided to title it broadly, “Where in the World are the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders?”

I love time lapses and Jonsi


so it’s safe to say this video from “Glassworks” in the UK pretty much hits the spot.

best motion graphics demo reel I’ve seen in a long time


Need to try and copy their map animations they did.

other notes: exhausted from week in the Dominican. best trip I’ve ever been on. My bosses are awesome for bringing me along.